Metaphora Story

Paulo de Tarso (Brazilian) and Tricia (Canadian) are foreign citizens in Helsinki, Finland, where they met and started a family.

One day, after the birth of their first child, Paulo started wondering about what type of personality his daughter would have. Would she become more “Brazilian” or more “Canadian”? Being born in Finland, would she ever be called a “Finn”?

In search of past references of his homeland to relate to his current family, Paulo remembered some of his grandmother’s stories. By remembering those stories, Paulo felt more at home. The feelings of comfort belonged to a larger story rather than the physical space where Paulo’s family lived in.

Despite wondering about his daughter’s future story, Paulo decided that the most important thing at the moment was to define his own. That required externalizing the memories and visions that he carried in his mind into something tangible, so that his children could access what Paulo considered important for the formation of their identity.

Paulo interpreted those reflections as a calling.  He wanted his family to reach out for their roots and consciously build their own story. Paulo started developing a model that enables memories to be externalized and re-interpreted in the shape of stories.

At that moment, the idea of Metaphora was born.

Together, Paulo and Tricia are motivated to combine their experience in work and diversity as well as their academic skills to support people to externalize and shape inspiring stories.