Community Engagement


We provide services in public speaking that help people to engage with the stories of their own community.

If you are responsible for an event or lecture that promotes the identity of a community, we will be happy to contribute with your ideas and support you to discover new stories.

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Sustainable Stories

The stories you tell influence the future of your brand or your community. Take responsibility for the direction of the stories that give you purpose.

Collective Identity

Which stories represent your community? The identity of your community is built on many stories that represent your shared values.


Inclusive Stories

Take a closer look at the members of your community. How individual stories are acknowledged? Consider how inclusive are the stories of your organisation or work community.

Nordic Business Culture

How culture influence work practices? The stories of Nordic business culture put into context of Finnish history, politics and Nordic welfare from a different angle.

Explore the stories of your Community

Guest lecturing for educational settings and presentations for work related environments and NGOs.