Story Mediator and Co-Founder of Metaphora

Paulo de Tarso Silva

Paulo’s career became an extension of his lifestyle, which values wellness, education, storytelling and community. Metaphora is the result of the tools that Paulo has developed over the years for enabling people to craft stories that speak to oneself and others.

Paulo comes from a small community in the southern part of Brazil. From an early age he was eager to listen to stories of others and had a natural ability to extract memories and hidden stories. Since then Paulo started an “unofficial” relationship with stories and storytelling. He was raised in a family of teachers and like his father and grandmother, he pursued  a vocational secondary degree in teaching.

Following his interests in travel and culture Paulo got a Bachelor Degree in Tourism and Hospitality Management. He graduated in 2003 and decided to move abroad to improve his work experience and to practice English. Before moving to Finland, Paulo lived in Ireland and in the UK where he mainly worked in the hospitality industry. Paulo came to Finland in 2005 where he later met his wife, Tricia. Together they have two children.

In 2011 Paulo acquired a Masters’ Degree in Tourism and Hospitality at Haaga-Helia University of Applied Sciences, and his research interests focused on wellness lifestyle and wellness tourism. Paulo grew interested in HR management, learning & training and occupational well-being. As a result, he pursued a second Masters’ Degree in Adult Education and Developmental Work Research from CRADLE at the University of Helsinki. The degree introduced new tools for the career Paulo had envisioned.

Today Paulo is active in the storytelling community in Finland and he is a board member of Alba Suomi-Finland, part of the Nordic Storytelling Alliance: Alba Norden.  

Paulo believes that learning is not limited to the helms of academia, and  he found an opportunity to connect people and knowledge through stories. Paulo’s work at Metaphora focuses on story craft as a way to enable others to materialise the stories that match their identity. He has experienced the benefits of using storytelling in different social contexts. More than a storyteller, Paulo is a story mediator.

HR Consultant and Co-Founder of Metaphora

Tricia Cleland Silva

Tricia’s interests in storytelling initiated with Paulo’s vision for Metaphora, as well as her academic research in management and organization, and her family life abroad.

Tricia is originally from a small farming community in Canada called Winchester; the town and its surroundings have been called home for both her mother and father’s families for more than 100 years. This has been well documented through pictures and lineage research, and Tricia found great comfort in this, both before and after she moved abroad to Finland.

In 2006, Tricia completed a Bachelor degree in Public Policy with a specialization in human rights at Carleton University (Ottawa) and moved to Finland to start a Masters’ in Health Care Management at the University of Helsinki. Soon after the moving, Tricia met and fell in love with her husband.

In 2008, Tricia decided to continue her studies in Management and Organization by enrolling at Hanken School of Economics for a PhD. She completed her PhD and now lectures at Hanken on topics related to human resource management, strategy, sustainability, and nordic business culture.

Tricia and Paulo have two children, Victoria and Vincent. It is through her experience as a transnational immigrant, an academic, and a mother that motivates her work at Metaphora. She has learned to appreciate the value of her story as well as others; she also believes that storytelling, both through voice as well as artistic material, can be healing and empowering for oneself, one’s family, and one’s community.