Gunta Krumina is one of Metaphora´s collaborators. She is a detail driven professional, actively involved in the marketing community in Helsinki, where she lives and works.  Get to know a little bit about her story, professional career and her interests as an artist.


Gunta's Childhood in Latvia

Gunta as a child

Gunta grew up in Riga, the capital of Latvia. Despite living in the city, she always loved travelling to the countryside, where her parents were born. Many of her childhood summers were spent away from the city, close to nature.

Although she was not considered a “wild kid”, Gunta was an adventurous girl. She often inspired other kids to do something they might never had figured out themselves.

Gunta learned how to read at the age of 3 and since then books and her have been inseparable. This was one of the reasons why she decided to focus on writing later on in life.



Gunta started writing bits and pieces for newspapers and magazines, but eventually she wrote books, which she was able to do without officially studying language or literature. Her main topics were lifestyle related stories and travel. In addition, she wrote adventure stories for kids.



Practicing writing with her little sister

Practicing writing with her little sister

For a few years, Gunta authored ‘Around Latvia’, an idea that became a travel page for kids in a major newspaper. Later, she became the vice editor for a kids’ magazine.

Many of her stories and fairy-tales were published in a kids’ newspaper.

Gunta’s first children’s book to be published was “The chequered dog”. The book was followed by an activity book entitled “Adventure of letters”  (published in 2006). Her most recent book “The daring life of Guinness, the dragon-kid” appeared in bookstores in 2013 in Latvia.

Thinking out of the box has always been Gunta´s way of looking at the world. Her interests are multi-layered and she is motivated to use her ideas for work and other interesting projects with like-minded people.


The adventurous life of a dragon kid

The daring life of Guinness, the dragon-kid


“All my work experience and projects are the outcome of my ideas or the ideas that I helped to create. I have benefited from my creative thinking quite a bit, but the analytical part of my brain has also supported me to keep within the limits of reality.”


Gunta believes that her ideas can be transformed into authentic content and meet the needs of real people, different from average marketing content that tend to dictate what people should believe in.




Metaphora shares many aspects of Gunta’s way of thinking, and we value her potential as a talented collaborator: a writer, storyteller and visionary.


Gunta's Childhood in Latvia

Childhood in Latvia


“My main motivation to work is to bring some joy and meaning to the lives of the lonely, elderly, or stressed people. This has influenced my latest projects, where I seek to bring warmth and more smiles to those who need the most.”

Gunta Krumina


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