Meet Anne Bertoli!  She will soon start expanding Metaphora’s services in Brazil and we couldn’t be happier with this collaboration. We should have content in Portuguese in the near future and here is short introduction of who Anne is.


Anne was born with a natural interest in stories and people. In her family, Anne knows better than anyone the details of the stories of her parents and grandparents. She is one of those people who tries to empathise with the behavior of others by relating with their  own experiences.  She is also able to easily articulate her own story very clearly.

Like a personal belief, Anne understands that our identity is built by our lived experiences and how we interpret our own story. That belief played a strong role on her life path and decisions, which  led her to consciously expand her horizons, as a way to expand herself. Anne was born and raised in Paraná, in southern Brazil. She graduated from law school, but worked very little in the field.


After finishing her University degree, she decided to live abroad and ended up spending four years in the United States.

When she returned to Brazil, she wanted to know more about her own country. She decided to lived in the Northern region in order to experience a completely different culture than the one she was used to. She lived nearly four years in Bahia.

Today she lives in Brazil´s biggest city, São Paulo and the birth of her first niece brought her closer to her sister.

In São Paulo she had a great professional experience and spent five years in the corporate world. She felt energised by the challenges and the rapid growth in her career, where she became the manager for the training and development department for the largest Arabic Fast Food chain in the world (Habib’s). In her position, Anne was responsible for over 22 thousand employees. In the meanwhile, Anne complemented her studies by adding a Master´s degree to her resume.


Anne Bertoli and Metaphora


After her marriage and pregnancy, Anne´s life´s path changed completely. In her new phase, she decided to leave the corporate world in search of inspiration and new challenges that would allow her to invest time in her new role as a mother.

In this search, she found Paulo, an old friend with whom she hadn´t been in contact for a while. Anne got to know that Paulo and his wife, Tricia, were pursuing a career with a purpose and values similar to hers. Through this new found collaboration, came the interest for stories and the belief that stories can be very empowering to oneself and others.

Anne got the will to dedicate her energy to a new type of work, with plenty of unfolding possibilities that match her dynamic personality. She is ready to mediate and empower stories of many people and will become the face of Metaphora in Brazil.


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 “Our mission is to give voice to the stories that honour people’s authenticity.”



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Paulo de Tarso F. Silva

Story mediator and founder of Metaphora


Tricia Cleland Silva

Tricia Cleland Silva

Equality consultant and co-founder of Metaphora