What's Your Story?

Everyone has a story to share and storytelling has proven to be a powerful tool to connect groups, whether in personal or business affairs.

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Our Company

Metaphora is a family business that provides services to individuals and organizations interested in expressing their values and aspirations through stories.

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Craft your story

If you don’t tell your story, others might tell it for you…

Take ownership on your values and decide how your interests should be prioritised. A well-shaped story is the key to present your true identity to others.

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Metaphora focuses on the resources that are available in every individual: memories, values and meaningful experiences…

We enable our clients to externalise authentic content by empowering their choices on what they wish to communicate.

Story Craft

This service is directed at individuals, families, start-ups and organisations.

There are inspiring stories that we live by… What if you feel inspired by your own story?

Design stories that honour your values with authentic content!


Workshops are meant for groups and/or organizations interested in acknowledging the importance of their story as a community.

Explore the thoughts of your team and make the organisation’s story stronger!

When I was going through the sessions with Metaphora, I went through a lot of emotional moments. The process of telling my memories was worth the challenge because I felt better about my story afterwards.

Molly Li

Mother, immigrant, student and administrative worker, ABB Finland

We had a fruitful weekend at CasaBlanca with Metaphora story sharing, documentation, creative visualization and more… to help to build up  our story physically mentally and also by heart & soul.

Marina Hildegard Grönroos

Mother, psychotherapist, and enabler on a project for refugee children without parents, CasaBlanca Finland

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